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dollars — the exact amount that heowes Virgil. Virgil is innocent enough not to know what is happening.He is also very grateful and flattered to know that Mr. Kravitz iswilling to hire him. He accepts the job immediately, and thus, Duddydoes not need to reimburse Virgil. It is quite ironic that Duddy, beingsuch a good manipulator of people, is later being used by his Bohemianfriends when they come to his apartment every night to party, eat anddrink — all to Duddy s expense. After Duddy has engaged himself into all kinds of deceitful activities,he bankrupts and is on the verge of a mental breakdown. At that point,Uncle Benjy s letter reveals to Duddy that he must make a very seriousdecision:There s more to you than mere money-lust, Duddy, but I m afraid foryou. You re two

people, that s why. The scheming little bastard I sawso easily and the fine, intelligent boy underneath that your grandfather, bless him, saw. But you re coming of age soon and you ll haveto choose. A boy can be two, three, four potential people, but a man isonly one. He murders the others.Duddy must now choose to the way that he will live on for the rest ofhis life. He may continue on to live the way that he has always livedand be a complete amoral criminal, or he can abandon his money-lustingand become a fine shrewd gentleman. The time has come for him to choosewhat is to become of himself. But at this point, Duddy performs themost dirty, sickening and contemptible act in his apprenticeship. Heforges Virgil s cheque in order to buy the final parcel of land: “Duddytook a quick

look at Virgil s bank balance, whistled, noted his accountnumber and ripped out two cheques. He forged the signature by holdingthe cheque and a letter Virgil had signed up to the window and tracingslowly.” This is a clear indication that Duddy has chosen to becomethe inconsiderate “scheming little bastard”. He has murdered all theother good possibilities of himself. Duddy has obviously chosen the wrong kind of man to be. He has chosento become a crooked person, a corrupted chap, and a ruthless man.Undoubtedly, Duddy is a very keen and intuitive young man. He cancalmly and gracefully settle Lennie s problems with Mr. Calder. He canalso tactfully and intelligently get Aunt Ida going back to Montreal tosee the dying Uncle Benjy. Duddy has all the qualities that is neededfor

him to succeed in society — it is only a matter of time.Unfortunately, Duddy chooses the wrong path at a young age and continueson with that path to his adulthood. He ends up to be a terriblefailure. Perhaps his lack of discipline from his early years is one ofthe most important attributes to his tragic fall in The Apprenticeshipof Duddy Kravitz.