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Since the defective parts cannot be corrected on line or in the plant, it should be investigated off line. Three It deviates from the principles of Just in Time (JIN) and TPS because under the existing production process, if there is a defective seat it is not investigated and solved on line. Under the current production process in the seat installation station, the cars are pushed to the overflow parking area where the replacement seats are then added. This deviates from the JIN and TPS system of investigating problems during production. Four Doug Friesen has a two-fold problem: Increased variability in demand is making it difficult for his suppliers (KFS) to meet TMC’s demand Just in Time. The plant has to decide whether to move entire production of seats in house to gain

better control of the process. Doing this will enable the Toyota plant in Kentucky to fully implement TPS in the production and installation of seats? With the plant approaching capacity, Toyota needs to decide whether to add additional capacity for production of seats or continue to use KFS. This would play a major role in implementing TPS for the seta installation station. Bibliography F.Mozo