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machine… During the time travel he stops several time and he even talked to a son s friend what he didn t do in the book. In the movie you can also see a shop- window dummy that changes its clothes and shows how the fashion changed over the years. The Elois in the movie also differ from the Elois in the book. They are not tiny and even talk English. Before the Time Traveller leaves the future he causes a big fire in a wood -in the movie the fire breaks out in the underworld of the Marlocks. 5. Relevance of the character the Time Traveller (p.21 -29) The Time Traveller is an old, intelligent man. His earnestness about his ideas, although they sound paradox, fascinate other people. He is not afraid of contradict laws of mathematics, as he is able to give reasons for his theories.

While he talks to the mayor you can see that he worked on this problem for a longer time. He seems to be an ambitious man and later in the book he states that he can work on a problem for years… (p.55). He knows that the whole world is wrong in that point that you can t move in time. He tries to convince his guests with simple examples before he gets more detailed. His discussions are always on a serious level and people who don t want to accept other points of view and ignore unfoundedly the facts, doesn t care him. He shows the people a minimization of his time machine and asks the Psychologist to do the experiment for him in order to prove that there is no trick. The Time Traveller enjoys the silent and other people s uncertainty shortly before he starts his experiment. The

invention of a time machine means a lot for the Time Traveller. The reader can see his seriousness about this machine when he states that he was never more serious in his life.