The Time Machine Essay Research Paper 2

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The Time Machine Essay, Research Paper  Book Review The Time Machine 1. Relevance of the character Filiby (p.21 – 29) Filiby is an argumentative person with red hair. He doesn t seem to accept anything without reasonable ground for it. He doesn t have the intellectual level as the Time Traveller, but he tries to contradict him or comments him to show that he also knows that. As he is totally inferior to the Time Traveller in this discussion he became very fast pensive and didn t make any foolish comments anymore. The idea of a time machine is absurd to him and he tells loudly that the Time Traveller will never convince him. Filiby starts laughing at him as a token for his amusement about the Time Traveller s theory. While the others were fancying about the possibilities

of a time machine, Filiby consists of seeing the experiment to reveal the Time Traveller as a liar. Filiby compares him with a conjurer, but his anecdote collapsed when the Time Traveller arrived with his little experiment as the others were too excited and didn t want to miss anything. He couldn t believe it when the little thing disappeared. 2. Relevance of the social situation (p.67 – 70) There are two different types of people in this world. The upperworld people called Eloi and the underground people called Marlocks . The two species have resulted from the evolution. The power of these two civilizations is not balanced, as the Marlocks dominate over the Elois . As soon as it is getting dark the Elois gather together to hide and protect themselves before the Marlocks . The

Time Traveller has found out that the meat which he has seen was from a human body and concludes that this specie must be cannibals. The Time Traveller believes to see confirmation in his theory about the social differents between the Capitalists and the Laborers which has caused this situation (p. 64 – 67). Before the shift of power the Elois lived in a too perfect security world which had led them to a slow movement of degeneration, to a general dwindling in size, strength, and intelligence. The Elois have grown weak and the Marlocks strong. The Time Traveller mentioned a communal lifestyle of the Elois where everybody is equal (p. 46). 3. Strength and weakness of the author (general) Wells uses the idea of a time machine to transport the reader into the future. For the

reader it seems to be possible to do a time travel after the first two chapters. With the help of a group of men who discuss the forth dimension Wells (the Time Traveller) explains his theories about time traveling. This already shows that Wells has got a big imagination what you can also see when he describes the creatures in the future in every detail. The reader expects a futuristic world with a lot of high technology. Instead Wells writes about people who have got the intellectual level of a five-year-old child (p.42). As the reader continues to read, these characteristics of the people don t surprise him or her anymore, as Wells uses the behavior and problems of our today s society and politics to concludes such a future. On the one hand Wells tries to warn our society, but

on the other hand the reader gets bored very fast in my opinion, as he talks about these creatures and their behavior for several chapters. 4. Comparison of the book The Time Machine with the movie The movie is quite different from the book. It starts with the scene when the gentlemen gather together the second time and the Time Traveller has just come back from the future. The Time Traveller (George) is much younger in the movie than in the book. George wants to travel into the future, as he hopes to find a better life there. His friend Dave who is maybe the only one who believed him (after the first meeting) tries to warn him and makes George to promise not to leave the house. As George has already mentioned, you can only move through time and not through space with the time