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it could be a reference to the original battle between good and evil. Where the angles threw down their spears towards Satan. The next quotation shows this ?when stars threw down their spears and water the heavens with their tears. At the time when Blake wrote his poem, the industrial revolution was going on, and because of his imagery you could almost hear the banging and clanging of the machines and the battles of the French Revolution. The next quotation show this ?What the hammer ?what the anvil? This reminds us of a blacksmith, banging on the anvil with the hammer, like the noise of the machines was making in the Industrial Revolution. If you want to look at the structure of the poems you will be able to see that ?The Tiger? is written in quatrains and ?The Lamb? written in

longer verses. The rhythm of ?The Tiger? to me feels like the rapid beating of the heart beating suggesting the reader is scared. The long slow few verses in ?The Lamb? reminds me of the slower heart beat when you are calm, and relaxed. The fast beating rhythm could also mean that use to scare the reader who is reading the poem or it suggest the marching of the soldiers in the French Revolution. Coupled with the picture of hell it would really scare people in Blake?s time because the tiger was a new creature then, and also they were very superstitious. A newspaper at the time reported how an English aristocrat had been mauled to death by a tiger. The article included a description of the burning bright eyes of the beast and mentioned its fearful symmetry. (Is this where Blake got

his ideas from?) I think that the message Blake is trying to give is that life is very unfair. He was very angry about social injustice that is why there are so many refs to the Industrial and French Revolution. He does this because he wanted something the readers of his time could relate to, and also to show how he felt about the Revolutions. ?The Tiger? is fifteen questions, and no answers. While ?The Lamb? has seven questions, and answers to all of the questions. Maybe he is trying to say that the world is a very confused place, and no one knows any answers. There is usually an opposite poem from the other book. In this case ?The Lamb? is the opposite of ?The Tiger?. Before you even read the poem you can tell by the title that they are opposite. The tiger is the predator, and

the lamb the prey of the tiger. ?The Tiger? brings the mood of power, dark and dangerous. The next quotation shows this ?Burnt the fire in thine eyes? This sentence has fire in it like hell it is hot, and sweaty. India is also hot and sweaty, where the tigers come from. The Lambs brings the mood of calm, reassuring, and happiness. The next quotation shows this ?By the stream and over the mead? This is because to me a field with sheep and a stream only appears in dreams, and so it too is like a dream, and a fantasy of mine, and it is also a sign of hope, because in those days the industrial revolution was taking place, and fields and open space would be disappearing, in its place would be smoggy factories. This imagery by Blake I find is very effective. Some people believe that it

is a mystery, and feel that too much analysis the poem too much will spoil the impact of the poem. I personally feel that the poem is asking one question. That is ?Did he who made the Lamb make thee?? And ?The Lamb? I feel that it can be both simple childs poem and it can also be an English professors work. Either way I still enjoyed reading and analysis the poem!