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admission of guilt. By running away after looking in the direction of the two strange entertainers, the third stranger obviously had something to hide. However, not knowing the relation between the three strangers, led the group of innocent players to fall into the trap of assuming that the action of guilt was proof enough of the criminal history of the third stranger. Thomas Hardy has not only the players believing in the guilt of the third party, but forces the readers by using rhetorical devices, to also believe that the guilty action is a proof of guilt. Hardy effectively uses characterization and narrative structure to develop the theme, that making assumptions based on personal appearances and actions are often deceiving when there is no past history to go by and the only

piece of information available to gather is based upon personal first impressions. In the real world this idea that looks can be deceiving can be cross-applied. It was put best in the movie Goodfellas, ?Never assume. Don?t make an ass out of u and me.? There are always going to be times where assumptions are made that end in tragedy, disaster, or in embarrassing mistakes, such as the one made my the herdsmen. How many times has someone neglectfully said, ? I never saw it coming, he seemed so normal?, or ?She was the last person I expected to jump, she seemed so happy.? To avoid this kind of disaster mankind must learn to never make assumptions, never jump to any conclusions, and always get to know someone?s true self. Remember, looks are often deceiving when no one ever bothers

to look past them.