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Convent2. Milady Befriends ConstanceXXXI. The Female and the MaleA. Rochefort1.Buckingham Killed2. News of d?Artagnan3. ArmentiersXXXII. A Drop of WineA. Milady?s LieB. Constance?s MurderC. Young Lovers WeepXXXIII. The Man in the Red CloakA. Athos? PlanB. The Man in the Red CloakC. The FuneralD. Five TravelersE. Capturing MiladyF. ChargesG. ConvictionXXXIV. The ExecutionA. The LakeB. ForgivingC. The Death of Lady de WinterXXXV. A Messenger From the CardinalA. d?Artagnan Arrested1. The Excuse2. Lieutenants Commision Alexandre Dumas Alexandre Dumas was born near Paris, the son of a General in Napoleon?s army. He did not receive any formal education, so he started his adult life with a series of clerical jobs. In 1829 he achieved great success with a melodrama about the French king

Henry III. Over the next ten years he wrote a series of extremely successful action? packed plays for the theater. In 1840, he turned his hand toward novel writing