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The Third Eye Essay, Research Paper Karen Connors takes a big role in this book. She is eighteen and has long blonde hair and blue eyes. She is strange and mystical. No one can quite figure her out. She is always figuring out where missing children are. She is a caring person toward children at the day care and babysitting. Ronald Wilson is another important person in this story. He is a rookie cop for the police department. He has sandy-hair and blue eyes. He is a got to get it done kind of guy. He and Karen meet toward the beginning of the story. This is a story about Karen Connors who lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico and has a special ability. She was babysitting one summer day and all of the sudden Bobby Zenner, seven years old, was missing. His eighteen-month-old sister,

Stephanie was there and Karen was feeding her. Karen had a boyfriend named Tim. He and her got in an argument and she thought it was over between them. Karen was thinking she better start looking for Bobby because he usually does not miss lunch. She called around and no one knew where he was. She went to a day care/house and asked if he had been there. One boy said Bobby and them were playing hide-and-go-seek and he never came out. Karen then called the cops and Ron came to the Zenners. He got a description of the boy and asked when she last seen him. Karen then called her mom and told her that Bobby was missing. She also told her that she might be a little late. Then Karen had a flash of pictures come into her head. She saw the boy in a box and smelled car exhaust. Tim was on

his way to pick up Karen. She thought the boy was in the trunk of a car. All the sudden the doorbell rang. It was Tim. She ran to the trunk of his car with the keys and there was Booby. That is when it started. A few days later officer Ron had asked her how she did it. She really did not know how. He asked her if she would try and find a girl that has been missing for a few weeks. The girl agreed and he drove her to the missing girl?s house. When they arrived there a dog was barking and officer Ron asked the lady to put the dog away because he does not like them. She did and they went inside and talked. The officer had told the lady that Karen was a sort of psychic. Then Officer Ron asked if Karen could look around in the girl?s room. She told them it was ok. The girl?s name was

Carla and the mother had a picture of her too. Karen did not see any images in her mind of where the girl could be. She had told Ron she must not be a physic and they left. When they left, Karen started telling him where to turn and what road to take. They got to a river and Karen followed a path. At the bottom of the path by the beach there was a new bike. And on the beach there were a pare of sandals. Then she thought the girl must have slipped off the rocks in to the river and died. She was right a team found her and got her out. Karen was going back to school now and it was her senior year and she was happy. Her and Tim went to prom and after that it seemed they fell apart. They did go to graduation together though because they had signed up for it way back in the fall. The

summer after the school year, Karen was working at Heights Day Care Center. One day it was raining and the girl was walking to work. A lady ask her how to get to the day care. The girl told her she was heading there and she could just give her a ride to the day care. First the lady said she had to go get her r?sum? at her apartment. The girl agreed and they went of. The lady asked, ?So Karen do you like working there?? The girl said, ?yes I do.? Then Karen knew there was something wrong. How did she know her name? If you would like to find out what happens at the end you will have to read it yourself. I myself would recommend it. It is a good book and the ending is the best of it all. So please read