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The Thing Essay, Research Paper From its very existence the Mafia has always been feared and respected. They are respected for the power that they posses to do what they want whenever and with whomever they please. Also the Mafia is respected for the money that they poses and the ability to get it by all means possible. They are feared by people knowing that the Mafia would not hesitate to kill someone if need be. “The roots of the mafia go way back to Sicily where their history is ancient and bloody” ( Cummings and Volkman 3). ?The American mafia is often portrayed as the invisible and omnipotent criminal of the movie melodrama” ( Cummings and Volkman 4). “It is neither of them, but the American mafia is one of the most dangerous criminal organizations in the

world” ( Cummings and Volkman 4). When the American mafia first started people did not pay much attention to the criminal acts that they did and the unholy morals that they stood for. That was until a man from Chicago by the name of Al Capone took the mafia from rags to riches from the late nineteen twenties well into the nineteen thirties. Thanks to Mr. Capone, the American mafia was well known, and became a great force to be dealt with in the world. Mr, Capone also made men of the mafia among the most socially mobile people in America. There are mafia families all over the world, some of which run their businesses in the countryside. The mafia is mostly a big city organization because of what goes on in the city:” crime , police , corruption and unholy alliances between

politics and business” (Cummings and Volkman 5). Basically wherever the money is there will be a mafia family nearby. New York City is considered to be the main grounds of the mafia world in which they earn up to “thirty billion dollars each year” ( Cummings and Volkman 6). The mafia is similar to a business where men run their own business and do as they please. Just as every business has its own structure so does the mafia. At the top of the ladder there is the “Capo Di Tutti Capi (boss of the bosses)” ( Cummings and Volkman 6). There is no head boss for the whole entire mafia organization itself. But each family has its own boss and he runs it the way he wants to in whatever way he pleases to do so. Under every boss there is an under boss, who is considered to be a

supervisor in the mafia world. The counsigliere is called in to settle the disputes. “The consigliere (counselor), is supposed to function both as an advisor to the family boss and as arbitrator of disputes between the boss and the family members” ( Cummings and Volkman 6). Next in power in the mafia ladder is the caporegime, who is the manager of the mafia family. His role in the family is being head of the workers. “Each worker, if formally inducted into the mafia, is known as a soldier” (Cummings and Volkman 6). The last members of the family consist of the associates. The associates are members that are non-Italian and Italian-Americans who have not been inducted into the family formally. In the world of the mafia there is one rule that must be followed at all times

“all money flows upward” ( Cummings and Volkman 6). The money that the mafia makes goes right up to the boss and he decides on who should get what of the profits. The way the boss splits the money is on how much the soldiers and the associates earn for the family. The boss also uses the money for bail and legal matters, but there is one thing that a person must do in order for him to get what he wants. That stipulation is to keep his mouth shut when the law is trying to get information about the family and their business. As in business the mafia families are also very competitive. Some families are more successful than others. For the past several years the most powerful, richest, and most feared mob family has been the Gambino family of New York “known by the name in