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has been revolutionized by complexity research. There have been a number of other things developed from complexity research, such a the SimLife, SimAnt, etc. which are a series of computer programs. Fractal mathematics are critical to improved information compression and encryption schemes needed for computer networking and telecommunications. Genetic algorithms are being applied to economic research and stock predictions. Engineering applications range from factory scheduling to product design, with pioneering work being done at places like DuPont and Deere & Co. Another element of the nonlinear dynamics, Fractals, have appeared everywhere, most recently in graphic applications like the successful Fractal Design Painter series of products. Fractal image compression

techniques are still being researched, but promise such amazing results as 600:1 graphic compression ratios. The movie special effects industry would have much less realistic clouds, rocks, and shadows without fractal graphic technology. Though it is one of the youngest sciences, the Chaos Theory holds great promise in the fields of meteorology, physics, mathematics, and just about anything else you can think of.