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Bob’s family. Bob is not paid very much and therefore he can’t support his family. Scrooge hates Christmas and he never goes to any family dinners. (Hardy 57) On Christmas Eve Scrooge receives a visit from the ghost of Christmas past, present, and future. In the visit he sees all the things in the past, present, and future. He never realized how greedy he was until then. When he went to Bob’s house and saw the meal that the family is eating and how sick Tiny Tim is he realizes how wrong he was. (Dickens 20) Everyone in the town saw a major change in him the next morning he bought a turkey and visited Bob. (Dickens 50) When Bob goes to work the next day Scrooge says, “Now I’ll tell you what, my friend, I am not going to stand this sort of thing any longer, and therefore

he continued leaping from his stool and giving Bob such a dig in the waist the he staggered back into the tank again, and therefore I am going to raise your salary.” (Dickens 75) Second, love is a major theme in this story. At first Scrooge doesn’t show love at all, but in the end he is a very loving person. Bob loves his family very much and he wants them to have all they need to survive. (Dickens 46) Scrooge’s nephews love him very much and want him to be a part of the family. (Dickens 10) Love plays a very big role in this story because at the end if there weren’t love then Scrooge would still be the same greedy man that he was before. Both of these novels are very good novels. Love is a theme that takes place in both of these books. (Smith 925) In the book Great

Expectations the two major themes were love and isolation, and in the book Christmas Carol the two major themes were greed and love. (Smith 927) Love is a very important theme in both of these books they both show how a little bit of love can change a person forever. (Smith 928) Greed and isolation could resemble each other, because if someone is isolated for a long time they may become greedy toward others. (Smith 930) Dickens feels very strong about love and it reflects his life. Dickens once said, “It is wonderful to me how I could have been so easily cast away at such an age?.. My father and Mother were quite satisfied?My whole nature was so penetrated with grief and humiliation of such considerations, that even now famous, caressed, and happy. I often forget in my dreams

that I have a dear wife and children; even that I am a man and wander desolately back to that time of my life.” (Dickens 538) Dickens loved his children and wife very much. In most of his books his children were models for characters. (Smith 933) Many people feel that some of his books are misleading. (Hardy 50) Charles John Huffman Dickens was his full name. I feel that he was a very successful writer in his time and also many of his books are popular today. I think that most of his books deal with real life situations and they are not some fairy tale. Most writers today write about things that will never happen in a person’s life, for example in Great Expectations it is a real life thing. A child can be an orphan and feel isolated and lonely. Also in Christmas Carol greed

is a real life thing. There are a lot of people in the world that are greedy with money. Many people don’t celebrate Christmas for the right reason and money is a big issue in the world today. I feel that many people could be influenced by Dickens work. There are many children that are lonely or isolated today due to money and crazy things that have been brought into this world. I had only read two of Charles Dickens books before I done this report, but now that I have studied him and found more interesting things about him I plan to read more of his work. Many of his books are mysteries, but many people like to read them. I feel that his work has or could make a major influence on the world. If people would just take the time to sit down and read then maybe they would learn

how important their children are. Many people in the world are too busy to spend time with their children, or they are worrying about making money. Greed and love are two emotions that can’t be put together. If you are greedy it is very hard for you to love.