The Themes Essay Research Paper Charles Dickens

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The Themes Essay, Research Paper Charles Dickens was a very popular British writer. In his years of writing he wrote many novels. Most of his novels are different from each other, but there are a few that have the same theme. His background affected his writing a great deal. One of his novels called Great Expectations was a very popular novel that dealt with love, loneliness, and human relationships. Another one of his novels The Christmas Carol dealt with greed, love, and a hard working man. As a novice writer he wrote many novels, but as the mature writer he wrote many more novels, and plays. Dickens had a very rough life growing up. Charles Dickens was born on February 7th 1812 in Landport England. As a child he worked in a blacking warehouse where he had to cover pots of

paste blacking with a piece of oil and paper, and then next he had to cover it with blue paper. Working there was very hard and it was a terrible experience for him. (Commire 64) He had little education and he was the second of eight children. In 1836 he married Catherine Hograth and they had ten children. Charles Dickens died on June 8th 1870 in Gadshill England from a stroke. (Commire 55) Dickens had a very busy life before writing. At age twelve he began working first at the blacking warehouse, then at age fifteen he was an attorneys clerk. Next he was a reporter for the True Sun, and then to the Morning Chronicle, and many more newspapers. (Commire 55) As the novice writer all of his novels, and plays first appeared in periodicals such as the Monthly Magazine. He almost had a

stage career while he was working as a court reporter. In 1836 his novel Pickwick Paper was a huge success. (Commire 79) He and his wife traveled to America in January of 1842 and returned to England in June. In October of 1842 American Notes was published. (Commire 82) Dickens children influenced many of his writings. Some of the characters in his novels were created from his children, wife, and sister. (Commire 85) In 1860-61 Great Expectations was published. On June 8th 1870 he had a stroke and died. (Commire 62) Many of his books are very much alike. A few of his books deal with love, and pain. In 1829 he fell in love with a woman named Maria Beadnell, and later she became a model for Dora in the novel David Copperfield. (Commire 77) Two of *censored*ens writings are very

different the two novels that will be talked about are Great Expectations and Christmas Carol. (Commire 79) As the mature writer Dickens began to write better and his books were more human like. Great Expectations was published in 1860-61. There are two major themes discussed in this novel. First, love in the context of human relationships, and isolation, which brings loneliness. (Dickens 10) In isolation the greatest sin we commit against others and ourselves is to shun human companionship as Miss Haversham did. By hardening her heart she committed a crime against herself. Miss Haversham adopted Estella, but not as a loving action, but a move to turn the child into a heartless person against men. (Dickens 52) Estella is very isolated which is part responsible for Pip’s

snobbery from Joe and Biddy. (Dickens 54) Estella enters into a loveless marriage to Drummle, who is very cruel to her. This shows that no matter how heartless one is there is always someone more heartless. (Dickens 107) Magwitch is also isolated. He becomes very grateful for Pips actions toward him. Pip gave him food, and that makes Magwitch develop a fatherly action toward Pip. Love in the context of human relationships is best shown through Pip. (Dickens 417) In the novel Christmas Carol there were two major themes. First, greed is a major action in this story. The second theme in this story is love. (Hardy 51) The main character in the story is Scrooge, who is the greediest man alive. He owns a business and a man named Bob works for him. Greed affects Scrooges life and also