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The masks are used for trickery, and that was how she was able to develop the mask into a use for trickery. Thinking that Viola is a man, the masks are so strong and well developed, that even Seabastion was confused on Olivia s true identity. She makes the brother think he doesn t know you by voice or any other feature. (3.4) This shows that she is able to fool even the closest of kin thorough the mask, and shows how well she was able to develop and conform the mask to the pleasing of the crowd. The imagery of masks has been proven to be very well developed. Feste and Viola, developing the imagery, help to make the masking connotations more powerful. The masks are shown to be well developed and have definite meaning to the reader. The people use the masks to conform to the needs

of the crowd, and that is what Feste and Viola do in the book. In life, it is the same way. We have to conform ourselves to the wants of our peers and everyone else alike. By doing this, we are masking our true selves and our identities from the public. Although masks are created to prevent the real you from coming out, in the book, everyone eventually came out. And look what happened, a wonderful peace was found and everyone realized what had been the problem the whole time. We must take our masks off, and maybe the people will like you and me better, for who we truly are. You never know, someone might just see you and think, hey, I really like that guy.