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was then struck with love at the sight of this handsome god. The last line shows how deep her love at first sight indeed was; O Jove, quoth she, why was I not a flood! She was wishing she were a flood so she could surround the man in the water he was already in. The love she felt was so passionate that she just wanted to be all over him all at once. Shakespeare effectively used characterization to illustrate the theme of love throughout his poetry. The theme of love in William Shakespeare s poetry is illustrated through symbolism. The different kinds of love are very colorfully introduced through Shakespeare s use of symbolism. In the seventh verse of The Passionate Pilgrim it reads: Mild as a dove, but neither true not trusty; Brighter than glass, and yet, as glass is, brittle;

Softer than wax, and yet, as iron, rusty: These lines describe one man s love for a two-faced or complicated woman. The symbolism is describing a tough, strong woman that can be sweet at times. She can be full of life one second, but then something will make her mood break. The rest of that verse says: She burn d with love, as straw with fire flameth; She burn d out love, as soon as straw outburneth; She framed the love, and yet she foil d the framing; She bade love last, and yet she fell a-turning. Was this a lover, or a lecher whether? Bad in the best, though excellent in neither. Her side of the love affair is told in this section. He knows in his heart that she loved but it was love that rapidly came and went. These phrases evoke a story of love betrayed and promises broken.

When examining the title of the poem, after reading, Phoenix and the Turtle one may wonder, symbolically, why Shakespeare would pair such unlikely animals together. It is this unlikely pairing that brings a depth to the piece. A phoenix is a bird that spends half of its time in the air and the turtle, being an amphibian, spends half its life in water. The other half of their lives is spent together on land. The animals differences symbolize the lengths they go to for love and togetherness. It is almost like the story of Romeo and Juliet. They were from two different families or worlds and they re love was like bridge between them. Shakespeare creates this bridge through symbolism. It shows the passion and true love between this unlikely couple. The theme of love throughout

William Shakespeare s poetry is illustrated through diction. Shakespeare made his writing period famous with his language and eloquent word use. This poetic language is the backbone of my proof because it makes the theme of love so intense throughout his writing. Take for example, the last two lines of the first verse in The Passionate Pilgrim , Therefore I ll lie with love, and love with me, since that our faults in love thus smother d be. His use of words sound carefully thought out and painstakingly placed within the verse, but this writing was all just an extension of his self. This line explains that love can be blinding and can make any and all faults invisible. Diction really shows the attitude of the poem in this next piece. The seventh verse of The Passionate Pilgrim

reads: Fair is my love, but not so fair as fickle; Mild as a dove, but neither true nor trusty; Brighter than glass, and yet, as glass is, brittle; Softer than wax, and yet, as iron, rusty: A lily pale, with damask dye to grace her, None fairer, nor none falser to deface her. This verse is a series of contradictions within the explanation of a lover. This shows confusion in the relationship and yet tells of the love he feels for her by ending with a description of perfection. One of the most touching love stories within Shakespeare s collection is told in Phoenix and the Turtle . The love these characters shared for each other is best told in these lines: Hearts remote, yet not asunder; Distance and no space was seen Twixt this Turtle and his queen: But in them it were a wonder.

So between them love did shine That the Turtle saw his right Flaming in the Pheonix sight: Either was the other s mine. These lines speak of a love that would span through the death of the Turtle. When someone dies it leaves you feeling numb inside but through this numbness their love endures. The joining of these two very different characters was a wonder to everyone around them and the lasting love they shared made that even more poignant. They belonged to each other; they saw their selves in the other s eyes. The others around them Saw division grow together They were divided by their differences but love brought them together. The theme of love in William Shakespeare s poetry is illustrated through characters, symbolism, and diction. These three very important elements