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tired young man I saw, I thought of Ellie Wiesel. For every image with heaps of dead Jews, I thought of what Ellie had to see all the time. Much of the research I have done on the holocaust ties in factually with Night, making it a very believable piece of literature. When will the next genocide occur? Probably soon. There will probably be a couple in this next century. Judging by the 20th century’s four large genocides, who’s to say this trend will let up? In the past, America, along with most other countries, did a horrible job in preventing genocide, and aiding the victims of it. It took twelve years for the madness to end in Germany. It seems like countries don’t like getting involved unless they are directly effected by it. On the other hand, America is getting better

at responding when small-scale genocide may arise. Bill Clinton did a great job in 1998, in Kosovo, when he decided to intervene, with a missile attack. If every country responds the way America did (not necessarily with missiles) when faced with international genocide problems, the threat of genocide would be nearly zero. But that’s not the case. Most countries are still either apprehensive towards getting involved in something dangerous, when they also have the option sit back and let nature take it’s course. With the use of massively destructive atomic bombs, or equally as destructive chemical warfare, a genocide on a greater scale than Germany’s is easily conceivable. Until the day every country is on good terms with each other, every country is willing to help one

another, and every country unites, there will always be that threat of another big genocide. Is that possible? I doubt it.