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kicked his sister to the ground in fury and helped her back up. It was summertime, Jem saved his father’s life as well as Tom Robinson’s. It was summer, and Jem sat and watched the trial which would change his life, turn him into a man. It was summertime still, and the justice system that Jem had so much faith in, let him down and broke his heart. Jem stood in the courtroom as tears strolled down his face for Tom Robinson, and what the justice system had done to him. It was summertime still, and a young man fought to change the justice system, and to make things right, giving everyone hope for the future. It was fall, and a young man ran made with rage when his sister mentioned the trial and the courthouse. It was fall, and Jem’s life was saved be the man who had once

feared so much. Through these touching, traumatic events, it is easy to see how one young care-free boy, turned into a young man full of rage, let down by the justice system. Harper Lee’s story How To Kill A Mockingbird is a representation of reality, since, for Jem to grow up he had to face many heart wrenching conflicts which turned him into a young man. Harper Lee’s story was indeed touching, realistic and unforgettable. In conclusion, coming of age is an important and unique universal experience. Coming of age is a preferred theme among many authors , all over the world. Although it is a very popular theme, it is important not to forget the traditions and ceremonies behind it. This theme was beautifully portrayed by Harper Lee’s novel To Kill A Mockingbird. Every child

most come of age at some point in their lives, whether through a horrible ordeal, or by the passing of time, but what is most important is that you learn from it and carry it throughout your life. Always remember that everything that happens during a lifetime is important and happens for a reason. The process of coming of age is repeated throughout that lifetime, so take it and learn from it.