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Here s the smell of blood still. All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand (5,1,52-55). She later dies just as Macduff and Malcolm approach the castle of Macbeth. She was consumed by the impulses of blood within and without. In Shakespeare s Macbeth the theme of blood is essential. It is everywhere. It is a force that steers the impulses and passions of man. Also, it represents the blood and loyalty of family. The blood in the human body is a necessity of life. It is controlled by the heart and circulated throughout the body. The true tragedy in Macbeth is that Macbeth is the heart of Scotland. Thus he affects more than the nobility through his actions. When Macbeth became a tyrant, he was the fatal wound of Scotland. Just as Mcduff exclaimed Bleed, bleed, poor

country. That is exactly what happened. Blood contains life and vigor, but at the same time it holds the sinful impulses of man which lead to more than the death of the individual it runs through.