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1927 with a show called Merry Malones.4 -8- Conclusion By doing this this report I have gained alot of knowledge about the history of theatre in New York. I think that it is important that we learn about our theatric heritage because it has alot to do with every day problems. Some theatre is for social means and some theatre is here to teach us about something. -9- End Notes 1. Mary C. Henderson, The City and the Theatre(James T.White & Company; 1973, New Jersey) Pg. 13 2. Ibid Pg. 88 3. Ibid Pg. 196 4. Louis Botto, At This Theatre (Dodd Mead Company; 1984 New York) Various Pgs. Theatre Week (That New Magazine; 1995 New York) Pg. 51 -10- Bibliography Botto, Louis; At This Theatre; Dodd Mead Company, 1984, New York Brockett, Oscar G.; History of the Theatre, Sixth Edition;

Allyn and Bacon, 1991, Needham, MA Henderson, Mary C.; The City & the Theatre; James T. White and Company, 1973, Clifton, New Jersey Ommanney, Katharine & Schanker, Harry H.; The Stage & The School , Fifth Edition; McGraw-Hill, Inc., 1982, New York Ortleb, Charles L., Publisher and Editor-in-Chief; Theatre Week; Vol. 8, No. 33, Issue 39; March 20, 1995, New York