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genuinely thought them equal. Ferdinand, although being the Prince of Naples, treats Miranda, who he thinks a mere maid, as an equal human being deserving nothing less than his affection and kindness. This is proven true in his conversation with Miranda where he tells her “O, if a virgin, And your affection not gone forth, I’ll make you the Queen of Naples.”(I,ii,450-452). He loves her and would have her as his wife and Queen even though he thinks her a mere maid. Gonzalo also shows us his heart when he sees Ariel enter with the Boatswain and sailors. He refers to them as “here is more of us” (V,i,15) showing he considers the Boatswain and sailors his equal. In these two characters, Shakespeare is saying that not all men are egotistical and perceive themselves above

others. From being treated inferior, people start to believe themselves inferior. From being unjustly treated, Caliban thinks himself inferior to Prospero’s race. When Stepheno and Triniculo arrived on the island, Caliban considered them superior beings even though they were mere servants themselves. They also thought themselves superior to Caliban because he was of a different race even though Caliban does prove to have a greater intellect than both Stepheno and Triniculo. We see their sense of superiority by how they refer to Caliban “Servant-Monster, drink to me”(III,ii,3). Caliban also shows us his acceptance of this treatment in his response “How do thy honour? Let me lick thy shoe…”(III,ii,22-23) and “Thou shalt be lord of it, and I’ll serve

thee”(III,ii,56). We see by this that Caliban truly believes himself inferior even though his own intellect surpasses that of Stepheno and Triniculo. In today’s society, treatment of inferiority is against the law and supposedly non- existent openly in society. We all know, however, that this hierarchial mind set still lurks around every corner in today’s culture. It may not go as far as forcing someone to be your servant, but it lives in the form of discrimination and segregation. Because of many years of inferior treatment, many people feel they either can not succeed or that it will be more difficult for them than those of the “right” race or financial bracket. It is not that the people today feel inferior, its that they feel they will not get a fair chance. It’s

commonly believed that the people of “inferior” races or monetary status will get picked over for jobs or other discriminatory acts will be performed against them. The two cultures are quite different, but they also have some slight similarities. Our culture is over three-hundred years older than that of Shakespeare, which should make our society more mature in its actions and attitude. We should have learned that all men truly are equal and should be treated accordingly. But all three-hundred years has taught us was how to be more discreet in our actions and feelings by giving them pretty names or keeping them out of the public eye. These two cultures may appear very different but actually are a lot closer than most of society would have us believe.