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possessions. To protect oneself from the power of the eye, certain measures can be taken. In Muslim areas, the color blue is painted on the shutters of the houses, and found on beads worn by both children and animals. In the story, The Tell-Tale Heart, the protagonist fears the evil eye. In his mind, the only way to protect himself is to get rid of the eye. The eye symbolizes the internal struggle of power than man must face. Human nature is a balance of good and evil that is usually maintained. But once that equilibrium is broken, the evilness of a person has the chance to break through and be seen. In this case, the evil eye pushes the narrator over the edge and an irrational fear prevails. The narrator speaks of the disease that has heightened his sentences. The narrator also

contends that he has learned a new trait that he cannot accept and use properly. Together, through symbolism and internal conflict Poe created a story that good does not always prevail. Whether it is “Annabel Lee” or The Tell-Tale Heart, Edgar Allen Poe demonstrated his ability to create short stories and poems of a different nature. Pieces that symbolize the corruption of a person, the loss of a loved one, or the fear a person has, are all presented in Poe’s works. The Tell-Tale Heart tells of ones internal struggle with a heightened sense and their lack of ability to adapt and overcome. A poet, a writer, a literary genius Poe truly shaped American literature for years to come. 32e