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customers were being served by a new company called AT&T, which eventually bought out the Bell Company. Since it was costly to have the wires run to a household, many residential people often shared lines, which is called a party line. Although these lines were cheaper for the customers, it was a nuisance because only one person could use the phone at a time, and other households could listen in on the calls. Finally, the price of local calls was relatively low, however, long-distance calls were placed relatively high when compared to the local telephone bill. Today, approximately 95% of the households across North America have telephones, which is creating a huge opportunity for companies that provide local and long-distance service. Although prices for calls are slowly

decreasing, the competition between companies is increasing. This can be seen from advertisements on television and in the newspaper. And not only is this competing going to continue, it will increase as new technology is discovered. What is in store for the future? No one will now. However, some of the latest futuristic ideas that will soon be upon us are; television screens soon accompany the telephone, so that the caller can see who he or she is having a conversation with. Also, having all of the copper wire replaced with fiber optics will greatly increase the telephones capabilities. This will give us the advantage of sending very large pieces of information over the phone line. The only thing that we do know about the telephone, is that it sure has come a long way since its

first discovery by the inventor Alexander Graham Bell. A man who will always be remembered.