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big change. Nevertheless, with the advancement of technology, and constant change in this world, I believe that this change was definitely for the good of the village. It is difficult to pass up such opportunities. Accawi was very young, did not like change, and was content with such a simple life. However, as he would become older, and more mature, that way of living would be insufficient to ever advance. The telephone brought on many changes to Magdaluna. For some the change was devastating; but for others it gave them a sense of hope in their poor town. Towards the end of the short story, Accawi states, Like others who left Magdaluna before me, I am still looking for that better life (37). Everyone who left Magdaluna was in search of a better way of living. For Accawi, the

best time of his life was when he lived there. He and his family left the village in search of this better life, and he is yet to find it. For some, a more technological life is the better life, while others enjoy a simple, laid back life and do not need a lot of technology in their lives. Depending on who one is, where he or she is from, and the way he or she thinks, the telephone could be bad or good. For Accawi, the telephone was in fact, bad news. However, for the world as a whole, technology moves so fast, and the telephone was just another major advancement in technology. I can relate the telephone coming to Magdaluna to the Internet taking over the world. For the people of Magdaluna, speaking to someone not from their town was never heard of. The phone gave them many

opportunities. The Internet compares with the telephone because everything is done on-line. We can get our mail, buy groceries, do research, create websites, and get the latest news. On the Internet, you can learn everything from how to cook, to how to make a bomb. The telephone, for Accawi, was, in fact, bad news. As for the world as a whole, the telephone brought on great technological advances and the world would be a totally different place without it.