The Technology Of Today Essay Research Paper

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The Technology Of Today Essay, Research Paper The Technology of Today This millennium brings in many technologies, gadgets, and items to make our lives easier. Thirty years ago, the thought of getting information at any time of day from a World Wide Web was unheard of, but now people can buy anything from candy to cars. Thanks to inventions such as the Internet and high-speed computers, people have the opportunity to talk to people across the globe instead of talking on the phone. Laptop computers have harnessed this technology and allowed people to buy and chat online from just about anywhere. Technology today has made it easier for people to live and made life more enjoyable. Many inventions have come along that don t necessarily make life easier but simply more fun. Items

such as Digital Cable, Digital Video Disks and portable music have been the latest trends in technology. The concept of the computer is fairly new in itself and more technology is always coming about. The invention of rewrite able CD s has made floppy disks almost obsolete because the capacity is far beyond that of any previous storage unit. Digital cameras have recently become very popular because the camera virtually pays for itself because there are no developing fees. These cameras can take still pictures or even short movies that you can download on your computer and edit or send to friends. Wireless technology is has made people think how they ever lived without cell phones, text messaging and other wireless communication such as modems. Cellular technology is a rapidly

growing trend. Many people are seen all over public places talking with one of hundreds of styles of phones. The wireless convenience has also given people a piece-of-mind if they are alone and need a way to contact anybody. People now have the opportunity to receive their e-mail onto phones that can be no bigger than a small stapler. Wireless text messaging is a cheaper and fun alternative to cellular phones. These small units can send and receive text messages, operate games, receive stock quotes, sports scores, and even check e-mail. The Internet has probably been the most influential development of this era because of the huge demand to get connected. The phrase You can find anything on the Internet has truly become real as the Internet has grown and more people have decided

to use the Internet to promote their business. Many companies have totally abandoned the idea of having actual stores and have promoted the Cyber Stores. The most convenient part of the Internet is it is always open and it can fit into your schedule. The Internet has made it easier for people to find what they need with a few quick clicks. The Internet can also keep people in touch across the world. The Internet has become so popular the many companies jump at the opportunity to get their customers the Internet they want. Technology has become more and more amazing as the years move on. The various inventions that have come along make our lives easier and more fun. There is always something new on the market trying to better the technology we have now. If the next two years are

like the past two years, we have some very exciting innovations ahead of us.