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successful. Unfortunately we come to a point when the ambition controls our lives. We become weak like children and want just about everything. Humans are very different form each other. We all want different things. One thing in common that we all have is that we are never contented with what we have in our lives. We are aware of the homeless people who would be delighted just to have a new pair of shoes, but most do not care. There are also people born with cripple or with a fatal disease. Human beings should appreciate every little thing. It is up to us to decide what to decide to feed our soul and mind. Lets ask ourselves what we want for breakfast and choose from so many different things. Although, they would not be excited at every instant, our lives are exciting from the

day we are born. The dialogue in Tao of Pooh gives out a great philosophy, which is; do not take things for granted. Start appreciating everything that surrounds us.