The Tale Of A Martyr Essay Research

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The Tale Of A Martyr Essay, Research Paper The Tale of a Martyr The majestic Scottish countryside is a truly beautiful setting for an inspiring movie. Braveheart is a great epic about courage, betrayal, bravery, and most of all, freedom. Many epic films have a great, almost unattainable quest. This epic, much like Braveheart?s predecessors, has a purpose. Scotland?s quest for freedom from the tyranny of England?s rule had been a dream that the main character, William Wallace, made a reality for his countrymen. This breath-taking movie perfectly depicts this struggle of Scotland with England.. Braveheart is based on the actual life of the great Scottish patriot, Sir William Wallace. The fact that this man had died for his country in one of the most painful, humiliating, and

public deaths of that time is an example of the emotion and passion of this film. The passion alone that this film displays is a reason that it has been remembered as a great picture. The message of never giving up and a thirst for justice are what is engraved on everyone?s heart after watching the battle for what is right. Basically, the longing for independence is the driving force of this film. Another great aspect of Braveheart is the graphic battle scenes. Like every epic the battles will satisfy the hunger for any action film fanatic. The blood-crazed Scottish fight with classic Middle-Age weaponry such as the spear, mallet, arrows, battle ax, and, of course, the sword. The Scots? warrior-like style of fighting is well matched by England?s more structured form of battle.

However, as gory as this film appears, it is stated in the picture that the greatest weapon that anyone can ever possess is one?s mind. Most of all, the best aspect of this movie is the unending love that William has for his wife, Murron. William?s wife was killed by the English in the middle of her village as punishment for a fight that broke out between an English soldier and William. Throughout the movie, William is ?visited? several times by Murron in his dreams. She gives William the courage to fight for her honor and for Scotland?s freedom. A film is nothing without talented actors to portray a character that inspires and captures one?s attention. Mel Gibson is a gifted actor and film maker of this century. Mel personally researched Scotland?s unsung hero and adapted

Wallace?s story into this beautiful film that is a fitting tribute. Gibson plays Wallace as a hero that reacted with deep feelings affecting every viewer to the core. The performance that Gibson gives in this film portrays an epic hero with a vulnerability that would make Superman blush. However, the tears and humility that Gibson displays makes one want to don a kilt and join in the battle. Battles, comradery, patriotism, and a love that never dies are the ingredients for a great epic film. Fortunately, Braveheart has all of these and even more fascination that attract every movie-goer. Most of all, the way this film moves one?s heart is the true movie magic that captures us all.