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that truth. It is also important to note here how far along Marlow himself has come along the same path, when he says in response to finding the heads on the poles, ?I was not so shocked as you may think? (70). The idea of the infectious nature of the darkness is exemplified best with Kurtz, who the General Manager claims is the way he is due to having gotten sick while in the jungle and not recovering well from the illness, as if it were the darkness itself that made him sick. This idea of the corruptive and infectious nature of the darkness is continued to the point of Kurtz death and to Marlow?s own sickness, which leads to his premature return home. The three stations along the trip down the Congo, the three steps down to the pool, are all represented by the managers of the

stations. The Accountant seams to be a civilized man by nature, but has begun to become corrupted by the darkness in that he has taken on one of the native women as his slave and prostitute. The General Manager appears to be an average fellow, but upon inspection, has an obvious darker side to him. Kurtz, managing the Inner Station, in the center of the jungle, the heart of the darkness, has become part of that darkness. He allowed himself to become completely enveloped by the waters of that pool. And Marlow, even after returning home to Europe, will never completely recover from his swim.