The Survival Of Jesus

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The Survival Of Jesus’ Teachings In The 3rd Millenium Essay, Research Paper Will the teachings of Jesus Christ be able to survive the 3rd millennium? Jesus emphasized the actions and teachings of God by using his life as an example of God’s ways. He was an exact representation of God which made him God as well. Jesus referred to the history of God in his teachings. He used the basis of God’s teachings that God demonstrated through Adam, Abraham and David. There were approximately 4000 years between the start of man up to the time of Christ’s birth. Then for the last 2000 years after Christ, the church has risen steadily. So, in total, that is 6000 years of Jesus’ teachings or the basis of his teachings, which have become more popular now then when they first started

out at the beginning 6000 years ago. So my question is, why wouldn’t the teachings of Jesus be able to last into the 3rd millennium when the basis of his teachings have already lasted for 6000 years? In my opinion, I fully and truly believe that the teachings of Jesus Christ will be able to survive well into the 3rd millennium. Now I’m going to continue by explaining why I think this, through these next 3 points.Firstly, Jesus at 12 years old was able to amaze all the teachers of scripture who’s biblical knowledge was perfect and all of those who heard him speak. This id according to Luke 2: 46-47: “Three days later they finally discovered him. He was in the temple, sitting among the religious teachers, discussing deep questions with them. And all who heard him were

amazed at his understanding and his answers.” If Jesus’ knowledge was able to amaze learned men then, how much more could his teachings inspire us today in this changing and difficult time? The bible is what inspires us today even despite the fact that it was written so many years before. It applies to the human heart and experiences just as much today as it did nearly 2000 years ago. And in saying this, these days we have many problems ranging from economic dealings to violence at an even greater extent then they were at the start of man. The bible was written especially for every generation after Jesus Christ, including us. Jesus’ teachings and experiences were recorded for the whole purpose of our reading it and applying it to our lives. Poets from every era have been

inspired b the basis of Jesus’ teachings and have taken from the pros of David as well as many others in the bible. For instance, Shakespeare, Keats, and other famous poets have taken ideas from what is considered to be the most beautifully written book in all of history. Look at Mother Teresa as another example of someone who was inspired by the teachings of Jesus. She has even gone so far as to impact the whole world and leave a lasting impression of the love Jesus has for us through her actions. Secondly, as we enter into the next millennium, every human is searching for love, acceptance, and security, which are, the three major needs of the human soul. Now imagine for a second what it would be like if all the bad things that are predicted about our future were to come true.

Just imagine if all the computers really did crash or even if the world really did end. Well, we don’t have to fear about these things because, like I said, we are all searching for love, acceptance, and security and we can find all of these needs through Jesus and his teachings. Mark 3:34-35 is a great example of how accepting Jesus is. “Then he looked at those around him and said, “these are my mother and brothers. Anyone who does God’s will id my brother and sister and mother.” This is simply saying that Jesus accepts everybody as his family as long as they believe in God. Jesus wants us all to feel secure. Psalm 46:1-5 is an excellent verse showing why we can feel secure with the basis of Jesus’ teachings: “God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in