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Because of this, many residents turned to sub-letting out one or two of their rooms to other families; though highly illegal, this was still an extra source of income. This lead to extreme overcrowding and unhappiness with many residents. The living conditions though better, soon deteriorated through lack of maintenance and bad, cheap construction. The noise levels were high and the surrounding environment was affected by the influx of crime mainly by the younger generations, to fund families who’s money is spent on the rent or traveling to work each day; thus causing an unhappy atmosphere. Many different people were affected by these buildings. The existing residents were upset by the crime and surge of population there. Those who had a few skills that could be applied in jobs

usually progressed in living conditions, but progressing in jobs was much harder. For those who were unemployed, there was little to do, many found work back in the informal sector and some used crime. Children had the opportunity of proper education for probably the first time, yet the overcrowding and overpopulation meant that some could not take advantage of it. There was a much bigger mix of socio-economic groups around the areas of the Superblocks which caused upset and an increased competition for jobs and services, resources which were already stretched. The richer began to move out of these areas and were succeeded by those of the lower classes, usually expansion of the Superblocks. One major downfall of the Superblocks scheme was that there can never be enough to satisfy

the number of people coming from rural areas to live in the ranchos. The blocks cannot be build fast enough to supply the demand, as the ranchos will (until a better scheme is drawn up) always be present. 350