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to prove himself to be even more courageous in everyone s eyes, especially Brett s. It is only after this final humiliation that Cohn desists in his pathetic, pseudo-chivalrous pursuit of Brett and retreats back to Paris, an utterly defeated man. Despite the grandeur of the bull-fight, it is important to recognize that it is little more than an escape from the trappings of real life. Just like Belmonte before him, Romero is eventually destined to deteriorate, and to be faced with an outside world that has no room for chivalry (as Robert Cohn found out). While this happens, we can assume that Jake Barnes will continue as before: confident and self-assured, with a clear understanding and acceptance of his limitations. Jake is Hemingway s hero for a new age in which the old

standards of chivalry and romanticism are quite dead. Brett understands this partially, and demonstrates so by her inability to completely fall out of love with him, but she is still driven on by a promise of something more. Something that she saw, if only fleetingly, in the young Pedro Romero. Something that only exists in legends, storybooks and bull-rings. Works Cited Hemingway, Ernest. The Sun Also Rises. Ed. Simon & Schuster Inc. New York. 1926. Author Unknown. The Kaplan Calander of Events.,270,715-3,00.html 1999. Monahan, Kerrin, Ross. Dramatica Storytelling Output Report . The Sun Also Rises. 1998