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Wars” (1982). As Herzog was a major-general in the crisis of 1956, he not only provided me with detailed information of the invasion itself, but of the various meanings and causes behind it. In trying to find Jewish academic sources, I soon found myself in further difficulties, getting to the point of looking for, if you will excuse me, “jewish-sounding” names- as I was unable at first to find any that I could definitely discern were pro-Israeli. I eventually settled on the works of Itamar Rabinovich’s “Seven Wars and One Peace Treaty” (1991), and M.E. Yapp’s “The Near East Since the First World War” (1991). While Rabinovich was based in Tel Aviv and had stronger pro-Israeli views, Yapp, who was a professor in London, England, who’s ideas were a little more

moderate and yet, at least in this author’s perspective, seemed to lean quite distinctly towards the Jewish State’s cause.