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audience to reach is the hardcore hip-hop audience that listens to Wu-Tang, Ice Cube, and Snoop . . . I think this album will reach them.” Today, reaching this hardcore hip-hop (black) audience has become something that rappers strive for. Personally, I think that Coolio will consider his efforts somewhat of a failure if this album that he speaks of doesn t become popular within this specific hard to reach audience. Personally, I don t think Coolio s album will do what he says, that is it will not become popular within the hardcore hip-hop audience. The definition of successful rap albums could be changing in front of our eyes from the number of albums sold to the ability of the artist to reach the hard core fan base that once constituted all the rap fans that existed. The

monetary effect of white peoples support of rap without a doubt is enjoyed by rappers, however, they would probably rather it be more popular within African American ghettos. An example of a group that has a huge Caucasian fan base is The Fugees and the more recent release under Wyclef Jean featuring the Refugee Allstars. This group is the first one that pops into my mind when one mentions the phrase white rap. This isn t an opinion held only by me. I went to a big concert at the Shoreline Amphitheater two summers ago in which the Fugees played. When I described the concert to a friend, which consisted of other acts similar to the Fugees (not hardcore rap), they replied, so, you re going to a concert of white rap . I could see this within the make-up of the audience at this

event. From looking at the audience alone, this could have been an alternative rock or pop concert. The crowd was predominantly Caucasian, however there were plenty of African Americans. The ironic part of the existence of a large white group of Fugees fans is that the group is definitely anti-white. Just last week, I heard a clip of an interview with Wyclef Jean, where he is basically stating a twist of a Martin Luther King Jr. speech, a harmonious statement urging peace among all people. Yet, it was rumored that during his recording sessions in Los Angeles a couple of months ago, he was clear in requesting that none of the cops providing security around the studio could be white. The Fugees as a whole are one of the most anti-white groups around, yet they have one of the

largest white fan bases. There was another highly publicized rumor made by a female member of the Fugees, Lauryn Hill. The gist of statement was that she would rather see children die than have white people buy her albums. What effect did this have on record sales? I m guessing that it had no huge effect, but it does make you question the individuals you listen to; is their music intended for you? An interesting phenomena seen in the hip-hop world is the emergence of some white rappers in the 90 s such as Snow and Vanilla Ice. The latter, Vanilla Ice, was impressively successful in selling albums of a traditionally black-ruled type of music. Vanilla claimed to be from the ghetto and tried to identify with typical African-American rappers, growing up in difficult conditions.

However, his story has been questioned with evidence that he grew up in a middle class area under all but none of the conditions he claimed. Vanilla Ice is most likely one of the many white rebellious fans who took his interest in the music to the next level: making his own rap. He is the product of the constantly increasing white hip-hop audience. Since Vanilla Ice, who was a one-hit-wonder, there haven t been any equally successful white rappers. Whites and blacks are both necessary for the continuing success of rap and hip-hop (and hip-pop). Additionally, rap has influenced Cuacasians to the extent that some of them have put out albums themselves (Ice, Ice, Baby). The history of rap music shows that the two groups are jointly responsible for making rap as popular and

nationally successful as it is today.