The Success Of Michael Crichton

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The Success Of Michael Crichton’s Novels In The Media Industry Essay, Research Paper The Success of Michael Crichton’s Novels in the Media Industry One only has to look at the astonishing opening weekend of Paramount Pictures’ action adventure thriller Congo which was universally panned by critics, to be reminded of the power of the person who created the underlying material: Jurassic Park author Michael Crichton. The film’s whopping $24.6 million opening, which shocked insiders, underscored the value to Hollywood of an exclusive club of best-selling writers (Eller 3). Michael Chrichton’s novels all have their similarities. He seems to follow a pattern which is working very well for him. He picks a hot-button subject and uses it to lend his novels a glossy veneer of

topicality. He casts his novels with some really detestable villains so attentive readers will automatically know who to root for. He ends each chapter on a scary, cliff-hanging note to make sure that readers will keep reading, regardless of the characters vapidity. He includes many frantic chase scenes or race-against-the-clock scenes that will translate graphically onto the screen. He puts plenty of technical, pseudo-specialist talk into his characters’ mouths to give readers the illusion that they’re learning something as they quickly flip the pages (Kakutui 3). Michael Crichton has definitely made a boom in the entertainment industry. Whether it is his top grossing movies or his top rated television shows like E.R. which took a leading twenty prime-time Emmy nominations

last year including best drama (Carter 23). Crichton’s latest movie Congo, which had a great opening weekend, was one of his successes. This movie was based on a book that Crichton wrote in the early 80’s, long before he became the entertainment powerhouse that he is now. Chrichton’s novels seem to be written for big screen translations (Brom 14). Publishers say that they can’t recall a time since Jaws and The Exorcist, two decades ago, when movies gave such a boost to the books that inspired them (Romney 5). Michael Chrichton indefinitely tops this long list of authors. Crichton’s novels cover many subjects such as genetic engineering in Jurassic Park, sexual harassment in Disclosure, or Japan’s threat to America in Rising Sun (Denby 12). I think that it is this wide

variety of subject matter that keeps his readers coming back for more. Crichton’s biggest success by far was the novel Jurassic Park. This book made a sales record in both the novel and on the screen (Turan 11). It ended up grossing over $913 million total in ticket sales and holds the privilege of being the top selling live action movie ever on home video (Wall Street Journal B5). It was such a success that its director, Steven Spielberg, has agreed to direct its sequel which will be called The Lost World, and will be based on Crichton’s latest novel which is also called The Lost World. This film is expected to be released in the summer of 1997 and is expected to gross just as much as Jurassic Park did back in 1993 (Avens 4B). Jurassic Park was seen by millions just for its

special effects alone, and the combination of puppetwork and animation certainly went beyond that of the previous high water marks of Willis O’Brien’s King Kong or Ray Harryhausen’s The Valley of Gwangi (Newman 44). As a matter of fact, it set a new standard of how movies should be made. Another big boost of income from the movie was the tremendous amount of merchandising that went along with the film. Jurassic Park T-shirts came out before the movie itself did. It was dino-mania at many department stores once this giant snowball of a movie started rolling. Merchandising for the movie Jurassic Park almost topped the record set by the movie Batman (Medved 27). As a matter of fact many companies used it to boost sales of their own merchandise. MCA/Universal decided to make a