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experience and discover more about themselves and the world around them. War does exist in Robert?s and Minna?s physical accounts of the horror of life. Robert?s experience is in World War One. Minna?s experience is life on the streets of Toronto with the homeless. The psychological change in Robert and Minna can be attributed to their physical encounters of the war in life. Robert and Minna both change their view on life because of their struggles. Furthermore, these two worlds lead Robert and Minna to acknowledge the importance of life. Thus, in the novels The Wars and Stones, Findley has demonstrated that the war does have an effect on the individual, leading to a journey of self-discovery. Bibliography  Conrad, Joseph. Heart of Darkness. Markham: Penguin, 1981. Findley,

Timothy. Stones. Toronto: Penguin, 1988. Findley, Timothy. The Wars. Toronto: Penguin, 1977.