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govt. stated after the election ?Taiwan?s local leadership election and its results cannot change the fact that Taiwan is a part of China?s territory.? These words along with the threats by many PLA generals that war would follow a Chen election have brought us to the current situation and the possibilities it presents. Recently China has begun to poise itself for an invasion of Taiwan. From planning air raid drills in cites that have not seen them in 50 years, to exercises involving the use of Chinas civilian ships in the transportation of military men and hardware. The U.S. continues to pledge support for the Taiwanese in the event of an invasion and still keep 2 carrier groups within striking distance of Taiwan?s beaches. Although many military studies have shown that any

invasion of Taiwan by China would be near impossible to complete, given Chinas lack of appropriate weaponry, the fact still remains that the worlds only two countries currently able to claim superpower status would be in direct armed conflict with one another. A proposition that must be avoided at all costs. The ?Taiwanese Question? has proven to be riddle not easily solved for the past 50 years. I believe the only inevitable event is Taiwanese independence. The U.S. cannot and will not allow armed aggression to topple a nation whose govt. has been rightfully elected by the people. The scary notion of direct war between two nuclear superpowers is a frightful one indeed. However the policy of the United States to oppose armed soviet expansionism should be upheld in protecting the

govt. of Taiwan in its efforts for independence.