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tried to understand what was happening around him, I also had to struggle to comprehend what was happening inside of me, because I was consumed by lust for other boys my age. That was pretty much my early childhood. He stated. Now Allen, when did you start having an interest in poetry? I asked. I first discovered the poetry of Walt Whitman the original Beatnik in high school, but foolishly I followed my father s advice and began planning my career as a labor lawyer. I attended Columbia University, but fell in with a crowd of wild souls there, including my fellow students Lucien Carr and Jack Kerouac and non-student friends William S. Bourroughs and Neal Cassady. These delinquent young philosophers were equally obsessed with drugs, crime, sex and literature. I was the youngest and

most innocent member of the circle. I helped them develop their literary smarts, while they helped me turn by utterly shattering his bookish naivete. He stated. So, how do you think all of this has influenced your writing? I questioned. Well, he stated, In Buddhism, everything happens for a reason. It is planned for you, but you can control it ( Allen & the Beats ). I think that my childhood and my disgust for society have influenced my writing a great deal. I also think drugs have influenced my writing they open doors in your mind that you d never think could be opened. They allow you to see everything in a whole new way; it s quite pleasing. Wow, look at the time, I shouted. I went to look at the clock and noticed that the sun was up, we had talked all night. Now it was

time for me to leave, go back to my own time, so I can finish my essay before the weekend is over. I told Allen it was nice talking to him, and how great of a writer he is, he thanked me and I was off. I walked down to the alleyway where I was going to be transported back to the year 2000. I made it to the alley just in time. Got into my pod that I had hid and in a few seconds was back in the year 2000. I got home, and sat at my computer. Opened a new document, and started typing. I soon finished, and turned it in Allen Ginsberg: Shadow Changing into Bone. 10 January 1997. Mongo BearWolf. 20 Mar. 2000 Costello, Bonnie. Ginsberg, Allen. Wolrd Book Encyclopedia. 1992 ed. Allen Ginsberg and the Beats. 20 December 2000. Naropa Institute. 19 Mar. 2000 Allen Ginsberg. 25 September

2000. Literary Kicks. 20 Mar. 2000. Fifties Web. 19 April 1998. Rich Designs. 20 Mar. 2000. Coale, Samuel Chase. American Literature. World Book Encycolpedia. 1992 ed.