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The Stranger Essay, Research Paper Plot and Structure of The Stranger The Stranger by Albert Camus is a captivating novel, which keeps readers wanting to know what is next. For any novel to be successful it must include the main parts of literature. With the combination of structure and plot Camus has used The Stranger to convey his views. The structure works in giving us a better understanding, while the plot works to get across Camus views on life, therefore complementing each other. From the start Meursault, the main character of The Stranger can be labeled as a very odd character. The plot consists of a Meursault who finds happiness even in spite of his situation. His peace despite the great odds gives the story its impact. Meursault always lives in the moment, and he

never looks back. However, Meursault shoots a man and he is put into prison to await his death. When Meursault is on trial the burial of his mother is more of the issue, than him killing Raymond. During the time Meursault is jailed he reflects to the times when could watch the evenings (his favorite time of the day) and he could hold Marie. He realizes that being in jail is supposed to be his punishment for his crime, but if he does not let his mind surrender to this then their punishment has not succeeded. He does not allow himself to have the luxury of illusions. Therefore, he reflected on things that he never thought about before. When he did reflect he found an understanding for his Maman and he finds companionship in everything. The most important concept Mersault has

learned, while incarcerated is that life is what you make of it. It is important to put value on your life, because that will be the enjoyment you get out of it. Camus has definitely used structure to his advantage in this work. In the part one of the work Camus uses short choppy sentences. It was very hot, these are the type of sentences the make up all of part one. This quote also shows how Meursault ultimately gives little thought to anything. Basically, we see how Meursault views the world in these short lines. Ironically it is what Meursault does not say that really says a lot about Meursault. In part one of The Stranger the reader can infer that from the language and short statements Meursault s little thought on each. This becomes very important in part two when Meursault

has something to say. Also, important to Meursault is whereas in part one he expressed no emotion or feeling, in part two he goes to the extreme to almost choking a priest to get his word across. Camus s style of putting this novel together is very unique. From the start the reader is not to be fond of Meursault, he lets the reader see Meursault as the other character see him, which makes us like the jury and everyone else that condemns Meursault. During the trial we begin to sympathize with Meursault because we are able to get a better understanding of him. The way part one and two are separate are absolutely perfect for the work. This structure helps to bring all this together, to help the reader understand what goes on. Not only has the plot of this work made it an excellent

novel, but the way the structure is layed out with the plot. Meursault s conclusion that life is what you make of it makes the readers examine their own lives. Overall the plot and structure help get those views to the reader. Because of these elements of literature The Stranger has been an extraordinary novel.