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out what is going through Meursault’s mind, has made the book as popular as it is. There are individuals who, because of different or strange behavior, might be outcasts of society, but find, in spite of or because of their unconventional behavior, that there are some people who want to be a part of their lives. Meursault, an asocial person is such an individual. His behavior, while not truly antisocial, is distant, yet it does not get in the way of certain relationships. While there are some, people who might find such relationships unsatisfying and limited, Meursault and those he is connected to seem to be content with their “friendships”. His aloofness, though, may not have saved him from suffering. It might actually have been the cause of the guilty verdict at his trial

for killing the Arab. Withdrawing from involvement with people or life events might not mean total isolation or rejection but it does not necessarily protect an individual from pain or a bad end. Meursault is truly a stranger in his own life. His is caught up in the absurdity of human existence, and is unable to find any sort of meaning in his life. Nothing matters much to him because he realizes that his own mortal existence, as well as everyone else s, will eventually end. His unemotional manner enables him to commit murder set on a sun-drenched Algerian beach, which leads to his execution. Yet through all his negativity Meursault does change maybe not an aspiring change as most would need to see a difference in him, but a change that moves him from the category of a detached

person. To a person who seeks out meaningful relationships, interact with authority figures, speak his mind, and can recall past experiences to help him make healthy choices in the present.