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as Mrs. Mallard because she is free from her unsatisfying marriage, as a goddess of victory walking away from her triumph. The author implies that because the reason for her unhappiness is nonexistent she can now live her life freely like a goddess that has just sought victory. However ironically, Louise Mallard walks into her own death when her husband, whom she thought was dead, appears through the door. Chopin denotes the reason of her death was to heart disease- of joy that kills. This last statement can be explained or depicted as her shock and disappointment overtaking her body and causing her to die. She falls to her death due to this shock and disappointment because the joyous future that she so dearly longed for was now undone because of her husband s presence.

Conclusively, Chopin describes, what may be considered as a conventional love story as a depiction of the ironic happiness a woman felt as a widow. Through the author s irony, it is clearly represented that most people would morn the death of a lover. However, Mrs. Mallard mourns upon the thought of not being able to live the feelings of independence and happiness that overtook her body within that short time span of an hour.