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The Story Of Abigail Adams Essay, Research Paper Abigail Adams My name is Abigail Smith Adams. I am the wife of the second president of the United States and I am also the mother of the sixth president. I was born on November, 1744. I lived on a farm at Weymouth. I was often sick when I was young, and for medicine I was given broths in which there was boiled snails, or worms. I have a older sister, Mary, and a younger sister, Elizabeth, and a brother. My sisters were taught at the local schoolhouse and my brother had tutors who came to the house. I had to stay home and outside the closed doors while my brother was tutored. Back then girls were taught as little as possible. It was the rule. But being sick all the time got me closer to my father, Parson Smith, the preacher. He

taught me how to read, make a quill pen, and ink for writing. Also, he taught me to know my mind and stick with the decisions I make. Sometimes I would help my mother make candles, learn to make bread and soap, and milk cows. When young people stop by, we would write to each other, using pen names from the classic books or from mythology. I signed my name Diana. In my teens, I met a lawyer named John Adams. After that I signed Portia, after the bold young woman in The Merchant of Venice. One day when I was writing, my mom came into my room. She asked me what I was doing and I told her that I was writing a letter to John Adams. I showed her the love letter that he wrote me, and my mom was very upset. My mom knew who John Adams was and did not like me being in love with a farmer s

son. They didn t just farm for family use, but they made a living out of it. John was kind, tender, and could quote Shakespeare to me. He had received a college education from Harvard. When I was 20 and John was 29, my mom finally agreed to let the marriage take place. Then there was an outbreak of small pox in Boston. When John had to go to Boston for cases, the letters he wrote had to be fumigated before I was allowed to read it. On October 25, 1764, my father married John and I. I went to live with him in a farm cottage in Braintree. We were happy but it did not last. King George III had put a tax on legal document and other papers that had never been taxed before. My husband lost his livelihood. I had many children in my life. My first baby, a girl, was born on October, 1764.

Her name was Abigail. A few years later, I had my second baby, a boy. I decided on the name John Quincy Adams after my grandfather who was dying. In 1770 when the bloody Boston Massacre occurred, my second baby girl, Susanna was born, but died at the age of one. When I had her, I was not in great health. Before the Boston Tea Party, I had my second son name Charles and later after I had another son named Thomas. My world was changing so fast. I had my wonderful children, and I taught them how to read and write and learn them French. When Johnny got older, he had a tutor who everyday for lessons. Soon I took them to see Weymouth to visit my parents and my sister Mary. I celebrated my 13th wedding anniversary on October 25, 1777. I was really busy when the war started. Boston was

now ready to fight again in a battle at Lexington in the year 1775. No one was allowed to leave Boston at the time. Strangers came knocking at my door for a place to stay. Those who were found guilty of defiance , were put to death, by being hanged. I fed the strangers and gave them a place to stay. I had soldiers living in my barn because they did not have official shelter. I hardly had any sleep, but I couldn t turn those poor people away. I had to find room for all for those who need my help. The stranger s babies slept in my room in their cradle. The kitchen, parlor, and farm sheds were full. I also had people sleeping on the fields. Here is part of a letter that I wrote to John when he was away: The great distance between us makes the time appear very long to me. It seems