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ceased touring in 1966. The Beatles had many successes. Their first released single, Love Me Do reached number 17 on the Top 40 Chart. Please Please Me, their second single, went straight to number one. Please Please Me (the album) stayed on top of the charts for 30 weeks; it dropped off of the top position only when Meet the Beatles, their second album, was released. In February of 1964, the Beatles made an appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. A record 73 million people watched the program. Throughout their fame, the Beatles had 26 Top 40 Hits, ten of these being number ones. They also made seven number one albums (A Beatles History). A factor in the Beatles change of musical style was their solid financial basis. They were virtually guaranteed sales of more than a million with

every album the released (About the Beatles). Three of the four members had experienced traumatic losses early in their lives. These instances had been suffered years before the boys came together. As a group, however, there were losses suffered jointly. In 1962, Stu Sutcliffe died. The group had been mobbed some months earlier and Stu had suffered a headache since. He had died of a brain hemorrhage (The Compleat Beatles). Another loss the group suffered was that of Brian Epstein. He was discovered dead in a hotel room in 1967; the cause of death had been a drug overdose. The first album in which the Beatles began to decline noticeably as a bonded group was The Beatles (otherwise known as The White Album) It was clear that the album was really a collection of four solo artists

instead of a collective group (A Beatles History). Ringo even quit the band for a time. The pressures of their public lives and growing outside interests caused the boys to see a separateness forming between them (About the Beatles). In April of 1970, with Paul s first solo album released, it was clear that the Beatles no longer existed as a whole. Rumors of a reunion lived on until the hope of such a thing was shot down along with John Lennon when he was assassinated on December 8, 1940. The Beatles story is clearly an interesting one. Full of many ups and downs, it tells of the many hardships and triumphs of stardom. The four members of this band were forged out of the same basic background, but were still four very independent people, as came out in the end. The Beatles legacy

will live on in the hearts and minds of people for many generations to come.