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this reaction is called cephalic or reflex stimulation. When the stomach is empty the walls of the stomach are together. When food enters the stomach, the walls open and the cavity gets bigger. The part of the stomach connected to the esophagus, or the cardiac portion of the stomach, stores the ingested food. First come “waves” of relaxation for the stomachs muscular wall, then the circular muscle contracts. This is called peristalsis. This starts in the middle of the stomach and make the food travel downward and it stops just before arriving at the pyloric canal. The “waves” of relaxationa dn contraction may occur at a rate of “three per minute” they then soften the food and thoroughly mix it with gastric juice. The movement of food from the stomach to the duodenum

is caused by the contraction of the muscular wall. They cause the sphincter to open between the stomach and the duodenum. The self continuation of trying to open the sphincter yourself, leads to a several day paralysis. “The stomach, like the heart, must be regarded as an automatic organ.” As of now it is unknown where the “automaticity” is controlled, either in the “musculature or in an intrinsic nerve mechanism.” Pain: Contractions of the empty stomach is known to cause hunger pains in humans. Diseases of the stomach might be caused by psychosomatic problems. The abnormal and painful stomach conditions include ulcers, cancer, dyspepsia/gastric indigestion, and catarrh. Catarrh is the increased flow of mucus in the stomach, it is associated with the inflammation of

the mucous membrane. Stomach disorders are best treated by allowing the organ to rest. A one or two day fast, followed by a mild diet, “with gradual additions until the normal diet is restored.”