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The Steel Windpipe Essay, Research Paper Describe the story you enjoyed reading most. Discuss the story in terms of PLOT, THEME, CHARACTER, SETTING, LANGUAGE, TITLE etc.I enjoy reading ?The Steel Windpipe? because of its mood and the style of the writer. The content is fresh and the theme is clearly depicted through the characters. The plot starts in a moderate manner, with the new doctor browsing through his books. I was about to think about reading another story when the complication pulled me back into the story. This is the amazing ?X?- factor of the story. Just when you get bored, you get pulled back so fast you never want to stop. This attraction is also part of my admiration for the writer. The girl who needs an operation is the complication and the reactions of the

mother, the grandmother and the doctor is clearly shown. From their reactions, the theme is clear for all to see. The mother and grandmother had not sent the child to the doctor earlier for treatment, because they did not trust the doctor, which is ironic, since the doctor himself is doubtful of himself at first. However, back to the subject, this is probably one of the old-fashioned stubborn thinkings. The women in that period , were probably housewives who stayed at home, thus they did not get in contact with the new happenings outside their houses. To the doctor and hospital staff, it is crucial that the girl has the operation, in order to keep to keep her alive. The old-fashioned thinking can be understandable, but I think the grandmother was too stubborn and the mother was a

bit unreasonable. They need the doctor?s help, yet they refused to listen to him, even to the extent that the hospital had to keep the two women at bay. After the operation, instead of being anxious, the mother demanded, ? Well??. This is so ungrateful on the mother?s part. If you need the other party?s help, you should at least be polite rather than rude. In the story, the doctor is mostly seen to be more favorable than the two women. However, he has his own faults too. Firstly, he does not understand the two women?s thinkings and barked at them. Despite this, he is gentler towards them at the end of the story. This is an alternative side of him that we see besides the bookish and non-confidence self. The operation itself is the climax. It was suspenseful and exciting as the

story unfolds. With the flasher freaking out and the doctor?s uneasiness turning into things his way (like stopping the flow of blood on the wound) was interesting. Personally, I think the title is suitable for the story. It was the girl who brought the new patients to the doctor. It was also the steel windpipe that was the climax, the popularity of the doctor and probably the first thought in the author?s mind when writing the story. The setting at first, is boring, even gloomy, with the storm and the blizzard. However, the setting softens and is contrasted later, with the small room of the doctor?s and the bright, lit operation room. The shiny and sterilized medical equipment is contrasted with the heavy books full of words. It is a contrast between light and dark. Lastly, the

language itself is told through the doctor?s point of view most of the time. It is humorous, although in an unusual way. The thoughts of the doctor during the doctor, ? Now, we?ll tear her throat out without sewing her up? and ?I should never have thought about doing this? is a mixture of sarcasm and self-pity. Despite the humour in the story, the style is mostly written in the thrilling way. The description of the operation, the contrast of between light and dark is visible and penetratable. It is a complete piece of writing with the author?s own style of humour. If you have any comments, please feel free to email me at