The Speckled Band Overview Essay Research Paper

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The Speckled Band: Overview Essay, Research Paper 1. Name of book?The Speckled Band.2. Author of book?Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.3. Setting?The story took place in Baker Street London, and in Stoke Moran. April of 1883.4. Identify the theme of your book?It is about a detective who helps find murderers and helps in saving other people’s lives that without him would be victims. 5. Story.Helen Stoner a frightened woman knocks the door of the famous and best detective in the world Sherlock Holmes. Shaking with fear she asks him to help her find out who killed her sister Julia two years ago. She feels the danger approaching her now and Mr. Holmes calms her down asking her to tell him her story. We understand that she lives with her stepfather Dr.Roylett who is a very strong man that

every body fears. He keeps wild animals in the house who he brought from India and that is one of the reasons why servants do not work for him, other than the fact that he beat one till he dropped dead. She also told him that he has to pay a certain amount of money every year after she or her sister gets married. This wish came from their mother who died eight years ago and left the money with her husband. Julia was engaged when one night she came to Helen’s room complaining of not being able to sleep. She was smelling Dr. Roylett smell and hearing low whistles every night at three in the morning which scared her though they both kept doors and windows closed. Until that, night when Helen heard loud screaming and went out of her room to find that Julia is shaking. When she ran

with Dr. Roylett to hold her, she fell down the floor dead. Now Helen is hearing the same whistles especially after her step father asked her to move to Julia’s room for repairs, she added that she is engaged. Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson promised to help her. They asked whether Dr. Roylett was in the house and luckily, she answered that he left for London today. Therefore, they agreed to meet at the house in the afternoon.