The Sound Of Music Essay Research Paper

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The Sound Of Music Essay, Research Paper Earjam Internet Music Player 2.0 Beta (build 912) Copyright (C) 2000 All Rights Reserved CONTENTS 1. OVERVIEW 2. INSTALLATION 3. DELUXE VERSION 4. LIMITATIONS AND KNOWN ISSUES 5. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 6. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS 7. CD DRIVE SUPPORT 8. CONTACT INFORMATION 9. COPYRIGHT 1. OVERVIEW Thank you for downloading Earjam Internet Music Player 2.0 Beta (build 912). Please, visit our web site for up-to-date information and updates. If you have any support questions or would like to report a bug, send e-mail to or use our on-line bug report form at: 2. INSTALLATION The installation includes the following 3rd party redistributable packages: 1)

Media Player 6.4 Redistributable files (for WMA support) 2) Windows Media Audio redistributable files (for WMA and DRM support) 3) RioPort Rio MDM runtime installer (for Rio 300/500 support) 3. STANDARD AND DELUXE VERSIONS The standard version of EarjamIMP is limited to 20 MP3 encodins, has no sound effects and is limited to 100 entries in the Music Jukebox. The Deluxe version of EarjamIMP includes the following additional features: - Unlimited high quality MP3 encoding at rates up to 320 kbps - Improve MP3 and WMA sound quality with the Hot Highs, Big Bass and Spread controls - Personalize the music to your listening taste using Graphic Equalizer and Manual Trim - Experience the most from each musical style with special Presets designed for the major genres - Accepts an

unlimited number of Music Jukebox entries. Clicking on [Buy Deluxe] will open a secure web page where you can fill in your information and complete the transaction. An Order ID will be sent to you by e-mail. Once you have received the Order ID, click on the [License] button to license the application. 4. LIMITATIONS AND KNOWN ISSUES 1) Installing MS Media Player 7 Beta and Earjam IMP on the same computer might prevent the IMP from playing streaming MP3 files. This is true even if the IMP has grabbed the .M3U file extensions. 2) Autoinsert Notification during Burning to CD Having the CD Autoinsert notification enabled can cause problems during burning to CDs. We recommend that you disable the autoinsert notification for all of your CD drives. This is done in the following way: -

Right click on the My Computer icon and select Properties from the pull-down menu; - Select the Device Manager tab; - Open the CD-ROM list entry and select the CD-ROM device (you should do this for each CD-ROM device in the list); - With the device selected click on the Properties button; - Select the Settings tab from the properties dialog that will open; - Uncheck the auto insert notification check box; - Press OK and reboot the computer for the change to take effect. 5. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 1. Where is the help file? 2. I burned songs on a CD-RW disc. It plays on my PC, but does not play on my stereo. What I am doing wrong? 3. I burned several songs to CD, It plays on my PC, but only the first track would play on my stereo. 4. The Earjam IMP does not recognize my CD

burner. 5. How do I Rip CD tracks? 6. How can I remove the Earjam IMP and/or the IMP Music Jukebox? 7. The player keeps trying to make a Dial-up Connection, how do I stop it? 8. Do you play video files? 9. I tried to convert MP3 to WMA file, but the result was another MP3 file. 1. Help is accessible by pressing the F1 key, or through the drop-down contextual menu. Click with the right mouse button to view the contextual menu. 2. Many home and car stereo CD players can not read CD-RW (re-writeable) discs or low quality CD-R (write once disks). We urge you to use ordinary CD-R (write once) blank discs for compatibility with consumer CD players. 3. There are three possible reasons for this: (a) You are using CD-RW disks. CD-RW (re-writeable) disks can not be played on most home and