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the fulcrum of the novel, Faulkner is able to open up the minds of these three young men. The omniscient viewpoint, otherwise known as ?Dilsey?s Section,? demonstrates her function as the backbone of the otherwise spineless Compson family, while not compromising Caddy?s connection to each narrator. Aside from addressing the family?s collective ruin, The Sound and the Fury also tracks Caddy?s fateful descent from a beautiful, rebellious young woman into a desperate, selfish outcast. Faulkner purposely includes four different viewpoints in an effort not to allow Caddy to remain beautiful to the reader. Without the deterioration of her pride and charm, the fall of the Compson family would not be complete, for one survivor suggests durability. In fact, the only witness to their

tragedy is Dilsey, who, as Faulkner noted, ?endured? (Faulkner 348).