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computer and work, immersing himself in the space produced by love and intimacy. Coupland also employs a humorous analogy of Adam and Eve to describe this closeness and happiness. Undoubtedly, readers are reassured by Daniel s latter life style, which is full of love and rejoice. Coupland deliberately arouses readers emotions to emphasize that human beings long for love and intimacy. By contrast, Daniel s early life without love appears full of mystery and pain. No one wants him to go back to that darkness occupied by computers. Daniel is not the only one who finds love in the novel, as Abe also escape the computer world, finding a fulfilling life. Coupland directs Abe s character development to underscore the necessity of human contact. When Daniel and his colleagues leave

Microsoft to start up their new company Oop!, Abe stays with Microsoft. This worsens Abe s life leaving him almost completely without human interaction. Abe e-mails Daniel after they separate writing, I m at the Westin in Vancouver. Room service asked me, innocently enough, how many people will be eating? and I replied, 2 , because I didn t want to seem like I was alone. Which I was (251). Clearly, Abe is so afraid of loneliness that he fears to tell a room service. Readers can easily detect the bitterness his defensive lie as he tries to veil his embarrassing loneliness. He admits later that he rarely talks to others and has only a few casual interactions. He too is technically isolated from the human world since Daniel and his peers leave Microsoft. In fact, he realizes his

needs for friends not only might cover his shame, but will also shine his gloomy life for delight. However, he does not understand that Daniel leaves seeking a more delightful, balanced, and fulfilled life rather than money until his loneliness brings him into the depression that can be healed only by friendship and intimacy. Coupland spends more than two hundreds pages and provides more than twenty e-mails describing how Abe struggles with this lacking-human-contact life syndrome before making a wise decision to quit Microsoft and mine the new meaning of life with his friends. Examining the development of Abe s character and philosophy, readers understand that life is not simply a warm-blooded machine that is satisfied by generating green paper, but a fuller creature in need of

love and care to carry on its mission. At the end of the novel, Michael, who is a pioneer life miner and the founder of the new company !Oops, finds love and intimacy. Coupland illustrates Michael s character development in the effort he makes to develop his love with Amy, a woman he keeps in contact with for more than a year without ever knowing she is a woman. This supports Coupland s points that true love, which is far beyond the anonymity of e-mail, can raise the hope in people s lives and fill the vacancy in one s heart. In the beginning, Michael is Bill s (imply Bill Gates) loyal warrior, willing to lock himself in the office for almost 24 hours to meet the shipping deadline. He, like other computer geeks, invests his entire body and mind in the computer world, ignoring the

existence of love and human closeness. This is why many computer geeks feel their life so empty, and have problems gauging their meaning in society. However, Coupland shows us that when love from Amy shines upon the deserted and uncultivated portion of Michael s heart, he feels its power and realizes that life is not all about computer coding. Therefore, he decides to transform his life into one that is more balanced, fulfilled, and delightful. He tells Daniel, Sometimes when I m loneliest, life looks the most dreadful and I don t want to be here. On earth, I mean. I want to be out there. He pointed to the sun coming in a window, a beam coming down, and the sky over the Bay. The thought of BarCode is the only being that keeps me tethered to earth (322). Michael does not say

computer or coding keeps [him] tethered to earth but a human being. This is a turning point in his character development. He changes his life s focus from coding from 24 hours in front of computer, to someone who makes him feel love. Thus, readers gain a greater understanding of the power of love in a person s life. Illustrating Michael s character change through love, Coupland points out the significance and influence of love in all people s lives. However, Coupland s story does not only reveal Daniel and his geek roommates twisted life style, but also to reflect on contemporary life and the future of the younger generation. He challenges readers through his novel, showing how people can balance their personal lives and contributions to society. For Daniel and his friends, they