The Sopranos Essay Research Paper Tony Soprano

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The Sopranos Essay, Research Paper Tony Soprano tries to be a good family man on two fronts — to his wife, kids and widowed mother — and as a capo in the New Jersey mob. The pressures of work and family life gave him anxiety attacks so Tony started seeing a psychiatrist which is not the kind of thing a guy advertises in the circles Tony moves in — it could get him killed — so he kept it to himself. So what caused all this stress? On the home front his marriage is shaky and his mother needs a nursing home (call it a “retirement community” but she still won’t go). Uncle Junior wanted to use Tony’s childhood friend’s restaurant to whack a guy named Pussy Malenga, but Tony prevented the hit by blowing the place up. When a Czech mob attempted to move in on the

Sopranos’ waste management business, Tony’s hot-headed nephew Chris “handled the problem” by murdering their representative and dumping him on Staten Island — without getting the permission of the administration. To top it all off, Tony was haunted by the feeling that the glory days of mob life are long gone, and he just might not measure up to the titans of the past. Madon’! It’s enough to make anyone want to see a shrink. What a week it was! Hot-headed Chris, and his even hotter-headed friend, Brendan Filone, wanted to make some extra cash, so they started highjacking trucks. Ordinarily they’d be applauded for showing this kind of initiative, but the trucks belonged to a guy who paid protection to Uncle Junior. Naturally Junior demanded the stolen goods be

returned and thattribute be paid to him as well. Brendan — always high on crystal meth– decided to hell with Junior, and pulled yet another truck job without Chris, who took a pass. During the highjacking the truck driver caught some “friendly fire” and was accidentally clipped. Anthony, Jr.’s science teacher’s Saturn was stolen from the school parking lot, and Carmela insisted that Pussy find it and get it back. Livia set her kitchen on fire, broke her best friend’s hip — and her own wrist — with a Buick, all the while denying that she needs help. And nobody at the Bada Bing figured out the new voice mail system. And in the middle of all this…was Tony Soprano. Junior Soprano has not been smiling much lately. Although Christopher and Brendan returned the

stolen goods to Comley Trucking like he demanded, Comley thanked Tony for it, not Junior. Now Mikey Palmice is telling him that if Tony won’t do something about those two guys, somebody else should — and Junior’s starting to agree with him. But Tony’s got other things on his mind. He’s worried about Jackie Aprile, who’s is in the hospital with inoperable cancer. He’s guilty about Artie and Charmaine Bucco, who are broke and going through a second arson investigation for the Vesuvio fire. And he’s uneasy about Carmela using their home to host a big hospital benefit. If that weren’t enough, he’s having trouble with a new business partner: a Hasidic man who agreed to give Tony 25 percent of his motel in return for “persuading” his son-in-law to give his

daughter a divorce; but then, after Tony, Silvio, and Paulie spent the better part of the night getting the old man what he wanted, he tried to renege. Meanwhile, Christopher and Brendans’ judgement is put to the test again when Meadow and Hunter ask them for some crank to help them study for the SATs. Christopher’s rationale is that to protect the girls from strangers, he’ll give them some “just this one time.” But here we go again — this is exactly the kind of thinking that got Christopher and Brendan into trouble with Junior. Speaking of Junior, he visits Livia at Green Grove and tells her about his problem with Christopher and Brendan. While Livia goes to bat for Christopher — Tony loves him like a son, and he once put up her storm windows — she tells him