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The Son Of A General Essay, Research Paper Son of A General He is Korea’s lethal weapon. To the Japanese, he s the most wanted. Can you guess whom? Yes, you re right! He may be viewed as one of the most outstanding heroes of Korean History. He was the son of a famous General and he led one of the biggest Korean Mafia ever. By the name of Kim Doo-Han, he is recognized by many people today of the 20th century. Why is this guy so important? During the years when Korea was under the rule of Japan, many patriots fought for independence; and one most beloved hero was Kim Doo-Han. In the beginning, Kim was an orphan and was most likely to have been influenced by many of the outsiders, which was his starting point as a thug. As he grew older, Kim became to be known as the .Jjang x,

(meaning the boss), of ChongNo, one of the largest territories owned by the Japanese. Kim Doo-Han feared no one, but everyone feared him. Whenever people heard the name .Kim Doo-Han x, they would bow their heads down and his victims would freak out. The Japan s Hayashi clique targeted Kim and his gangs in order to take over ChongNo, which held the most powerful gang of Korea. In addition, this bothered the Japanese from invading Korea. Kim couldn t let this happen for he was too good of a fighter that hardly anyone took him down.At first, Kim Doo-Han used his strength and fighting skills to show off. He was a natural-born fighter and since he knew that, he would go around beating up other Mafia leaders. Nonetheless, he had to learn from right to wrong – fighting for a reason

and to determine when it is a good time to fight. Until Park Sung-Gi, a novelist, influenced Kim Doo-Han to fight in behalf of his fellow Koreans. Although Kim couldn t read or write, he d ask someone else to read him one of Park s greatest novels back in those days. When Hayashi, a Japanese Yakuza leader in Korea, started causing trouble in ChongNo, many people thought that Korea came to an end. It was then when Kim Doo-Han fought for his country, but also for his pride, that people handed over their hopes to him for the victory of independence against the Japanese. Although Kim was sent to jail several times, he got out so easily because he was such a heroic figure to many Koreans. Moreover, a Japanese General for his bravery and fighting for his loving women favored him. Kim

Doo-Han went through love to hate, win to lose, and beating to getting beat. For instance, Kim was caught by the Hayashi clique many times and was beaten down until the Hayashi s thought he d learn not to bother them. Of course he wouldn t have gave up just like that. The mighty Kim Doo-Han did anything to bring back his lovers from them and to fade away the clique. Finally one day, he gathered all his gangs in Korea for a big street fight against the Hayashi. Many people were hurt or either dead during the fight. The cops came to arrest the people involved in the fight, while Kim Doo-Han ran away killing two Japanese detectives. Eventually, Kim became a fugitive and during his hideout at ManJu, he had many fights with Chinese barbarians, which in fact increased his popularity

outside of Korea. Unfortunately after the big fight, many Korean gangs backed off and allied with the Hayashi clique, and the remaining anti-Japanese were the ChongNo Mafia led by Kim. With the help of his followers and his friends, especially .Wangcho x and Kim Dong-Yi, he went back to ChongNo and there the Hayashi got on their knees. Therefore the Japanese were losing their pride and started retreating from Korea.