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in the US. People from every other country and continents, different religions, beliefs, backgrounds, everything separates them but they’re living in harmony in the same country under one government and one civil code. What a beautiful fiction. When I first came here I was as stupid as all those tourists with there stereotyping and profiling. In fact for me all Black were gangsters and selling drugs, Asians were “shoppoholic”, Mexicans were illegal aliens trying to work in the us to feed their poor families. But when it came to define my self there was the hick. A person always thinks bad about others but when it comes to you as a person you’d rather be good and free of prejudgment. Me being an Arab, a Muslim faced stereotyping from most of the people I met. The first

question they asked me was: ‘are you Muslim?’ And when I said yes they tended to be less friendly. This predjement as about Muslims being fanatics and even terrorist is in peoples minds not because they are racist of profiling people but because of the events all the bombing and the American embassies world wide training to face eventual terrorist attacks. The actuality made this fear growing in people’s minds about these crazy terrorists that would do anything just to terrorize Americans. I understand this fear that some crazy extremists and fanatics wanted to grow around the concept of Islam our religion that in word-to-word translation means Peace and that’s why I’m not following my religion anymore because I’m disgusted that all these extremists are bringing to us

as prejudgment and profiling. But it doesn’t depend on my decision to change this ideology, as it is not in anyone’s decision to change stereotyping in a society that is full of difference and that manhood created this fear of the different and the unknown. All these events are in fact a part of the history. Every man is born in a context were some things affect the course of his life, the way he is seen by other people neither accepted or discriminated and as he lives he contributes to change these profiles or to enhance them. But in both ways he contributed to a shape a history that will be an example for the next generations to come to understand the world and it’s beliefs and the ideology that governed our lives. This was a form a slavery because the salaries were

really low and of course there were no security or 33f