The Social Significance Of A Doll

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The Social Significance Of A Doll’s House Essay, Research Paper The Social Significance of A Doll?s House A Doll?s House, written by Henrik Ibsen, shows the power on can have over another. He clearly states that Torvald has complete control of his wife Nora and loves to show her off to gain popularity. Nora finds herself at last entirely at sea as to what is right and what is wrong; natural feeling on the one side, and belief in authority on the other, leaving her in a confused yet helpless state. Because of the time she lived in, it was impossible for her to do what was right in her heart but illegal to the man?s law on the restrictions of women. I can relate to this because of my age, not sex. Some restrictions include entrance to clubs, college course admission, certain

jobs, curfew, underage marriage, piercing and tattooing. Without parental consent, it would be impossible for me to do some of the things the world offers to kids, teenagers, and adults. Nora committed forgery; she did it for the love of her husband and to save his life. But her husband stands on the basis of the law and looks at matters with a masculine eye. The end of the restless battle between Nora and the letter finally comes down and Nora discards her doll act. Helmer?s rage over Nora?s crime subsides the moment the danger of publicity is an option, proving that Helmer is not so much worries about Nora?s offense as by the fear of being found out. Finding out is the beginning of Nora?s salvation. It is then that she realizes how much she has been wronged, that she is only a

plaything, a doll to Helmer. She says with disillusionment, ?You have only thought it amusing to be in love with me? (66). Nora finally realizes she owes something to herself, ?My duties to myself? (68). When Nora closes behind her the door of her doll?s house, she opens wide the gate of life for women and proclaims the revolutionary message that only perfect freedom and interchange of her own emotions and thoughts make a true bond between man and women. Them meeting in the open, without lies, without shame, free from the bondage of duty. To this day- the revolution of women?s rights is born and still fighting. For example, a not so well known group I am active in is The Revolutionists, Riot Grrrls. Riot Grrrls are a group of Generation X feminists, screaming for personal safety,

independence, finding and being true to ourselves, fighting against violence and sexism. If Nora were alive today, she would be the new Gloria Steinmen, just walking out of playboy, dropping her bunny outfit behind, and coming out as an independent woman. And as Ibsen hoped for, a happy ending, he gave one to all of us, not just for women, but a message for both sexes. Finding ourselves and being true leads us to real life happiness and love then becoming dependent on someone and leaving yourself in second place. You are the most important person to yourself